Places to eat

There are plenty of interesting regional foods and wines to try. Generally food and drink in Umbria is a delight. A visit to the Torgiano wine museum is also worthwhile.

FoodSupermarkets: There is no shortage of medium sized supermarkets to choose from within 2-4 km of Porta Materna, including one that remains open all day on Saturdays.

Local shops: There are local bakeries, butchers and greengrocers in Tavernelle and Fontignano (about 10km). For specialty/delicatessen style shops, visit Castiglione del Lago or Panicale.

Market: Tavernelle market is on Mondays from 9.00am.

Take Aways: Excellent take away food in Italy comes from the restaurants that call themselves Tavola Calda / Rosticceria. As well as pizza, these provide a large range of ready cooked antipasti, pasta, vegetable side dishes and meat courses. Nearest tavola calda to Porta Materna is just 4 km away.

Eating Out: There is a wide range of restaurants within a few kilometres of Porta Materna – ranging from a BBC featured, award winning vegetarian restaurant, to family run, traditional trattoria offering local cuisine, and more modern, youngster-friendly pizzeria.

More detailed information about food shopping and dining out options will be made available after booking.